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Holiday rental considerations

Tomb holiday just had, has part city to Henan car rental network reflect, part not integrity of car rental company has private go raised price, added received wash fare of situation, for holiday during part rental company private go raised price, added received wash fare, various fee of industry, Henan car rental network for has visited, found part rental company does exists with this behavior, for some Henan car rental network for everyone provides points recommends, please everyone note

first, to select a larger rental companies, don't let some non-chain's low prices attract small companies. Mileage under some small companies tend to have feline, accidentally as a result of exceeding the mileage and money.

Second, be sure to test drive and carefully inspect the condition, if the body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal. And then to open the car door, view the freeze, batteries, oil, brake fluid, engine oil.

third, the car broke down to contact the leasing company, do not repair, or car rental company will hold you for breach of contract.

Finally, although rental companies buy full coverage is, in case of vehicle damage, car rental companies will require the lessee to pay the car 20% about amount of damage. In addition, if a rub, be sure to look for traffic police to qualitative, produce the relevant proof, in order to get the insurance companies should have paid.

Finally, to book in advance. Annual Golden week are car rental peak, often three or four days prior to rent, rent cars are not available during the holiday season, so it's best to book half a month or one week in advance.

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