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Beware of festivals six traffic accidents

&Nbsp;     is a high risk of accidents during the holiday period, "51" run-up to the long holidays, the traffic Police Department accident group police officers reminded driving personnel must pay attention to six major accidents, careful driving and ensure traffic safety. &Nbsp;

a, route familiar dangers: normal driving routes is relatively fixed, are generally between school, work, home, and on the road very well. But during the holiday, motorists often family drove out or attractions, route not familiar, plus holiday weather and other reasons, will result in the frequent accidents.

Second, road traffic is easy to scoop: holiday travelers very much, sharp increase of private cars running on the roads, especially in hot spots around the roads, intersection between vehicles, following too close to vehicles and so easily lead to accidents.

stuffed with three rushing, fatigue, trouble: usually rarely have time to visit family friends worship, one holiday, we seem to pay as much as the party, finish a game, to go the next, extremely easy to cause fatigue. Plus if tempted to drink at a party, always drinking and driving. Excessive fatigue and drunken driving, the biggest killer is an accident.

four, stranger danger condition: obtain a driver's license but not to buy a car "books", a holiday, often from the rental company car rental or borrow from friends and family, which facilitate travel and went for hidden. But because not familiar with condition, coupled with the usual don't drive very often, driving is not too good, in the event of sudden danger prone to accidents.

five, frequent violations in a hurry: during the holidays, many motorists subjectively thinks, the traffic police will be on duty in the main road, the main attractions, on a secondary road traffic police rarely, so in order to catch the time, often on a secondary road they frequently speed, Rush Street, illegal turn, contrary to stop behavior occurs, bring greater risks to the normal traffic order.

six, free parking to Lu Du: in a number of tourist attractions and a large car park, with parking tight, some motorists parking vehicles, not standard stop could easily lead to congested roads, causing accidents.

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