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Rental vehicle considerations

When you lease the vehicle at the same time, you must not only focus on vehicle condition, brand, price, and pay more attention to details and terms of the leasing contract, so as to avoid disputes over rights and responsibilities due to negligence. The following list of points to keep in mind:  

you need to have a licence and a car rental business license, provide lessee with Enterprise car rental car rental services, do not opt for private vehicles or black, in which case responsibility and in the interests of both parties cannot be guaranteed once tangled up in an accident.  

lessee to obtain rental vehicle use and related service fees paid to the lessor, rent does not include the lessee uses the leased vehicle fuel, tolls, parking fees, violation fines and other fees.  

complete vehicles valid documentation, can prove that the rental vehicle in accordance with the law and regulations for travelling documents, such as a driving license, road transport certificates, maintenance fee payment payment vouchers, car payment, inspection, environmental labeling and so on. Also check the vehicle security and car buyers factory-configured standard with facilities.  

rental unit shall provide truthful information at the vehicle vehicle status information. Free rental car maintenance and tenant by operation use the leased vehicle fault repair service.  

city should also be provided in the administrative area of failure, accident 24 hours of rescue services.  

take not less than 80% due to traffic accidents or the current value of the rental vehicle caused by theft losses.  

assume the insurance company related articles within the scope of third party liability insurance.

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