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Car rental industry is booming, and rent a car must pay attention to details

With good weather, holiday, car rental business to become more prosperous, but rent still needs to pay attention to certain details, car rental network in Henan province and summarized the following considerations, please rent a friends reference.

car must provide the original of my original ID card, driver's license, resident register and pay the appropriate deposit. Accounts people rent, not the city, in General, to find a guarantor city accounts. Guarantors have formal work units, car is not only going to the leasing company and the tenant, also provide a security ID card originals and a photocopy each of.  

consumer at the time of rental, to look for regular company, pay attention to details and terms of the leasing contract. At the time of signing the rental contract, daily rental price is clearly written, daily mileage agreed to consultations with the rental company on demand, must relate specifically to the responsibility especially in clear violation of the principle of punishment.

in handover vehicles Shi, needed for full check: first to view with car of driving card, and HMT voucher, and make strong insurance voucher whether complete; second to concern vehicles of status, and brand, and price; third check car appearance, as body has no designated marks, headlights whether full, lock whether normal,; IV open car cover check, view frozen liquid, and oil, and battery of status; fifth into cab within, check oil table, and brake, and air conditioning of run status, and for test drive. If the lessee is a novice had better ask knowledgeable friends, accompanied by inspection.

when a vehicle test drives, to be familiar with the function keys in the car, avoid driving during operation chaos. When driving at low speeds for some time, until it is clear the vehicle suspension, steering, braking and other characteristics of the system, in accordance with normal speed.

generally speaking, car rental companies have vehicle insurance vehicle insurance, third party insurance, theft and rescue and other major types. While leasing company will be specified in the rental contract as soon as the car accident customers are required to shoulder the responsibility. Traffic accident driving rental vehicles, customers must notify the relevant Department as soon as possible (including the leasing company), be sure to have a traffic accident written order or proof of the Safety Board, which is required for insurance claims material. In accordance with the provisions of the insurance companies, car accident, the insurance company applies a quota compensation.

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