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Wedding car hire considerations

Rent a luxury car do wedding car new people is not new, but if the day of the wedding car and you have to set is not the same car or vehicle and late arrival was not, then your wedding is ruined. In order, note the following points can minimize the risk.  

one, at least to see photos of vehicles   in most cases, you can't see the car before the wedding (see best), most companies only give you the wedding pictures, lets you choose. Don't be fooled by beautiful wedding photos those gorgeous pictures are scans from some foreign magazines, or bought the photograph, and when you do that the bride, come not at all that you see. Make sure the wedding company wedding cars showed you the photos, believe you can judge vehicle in real photos of old and new.

Second, look for the license plate number is the legal status of each vehicle. If wedding wedding cars under the company wants you to order, give you confirmation Yes No grade or grades of hide, then you must have a little God, many disputes like this. Now look on the vehicle, in the absence of identification of both conditions, and wedding day car and most likely your vehicle there. Not the color, depth, is a change in style, colors and styles, the car is very old. Wedding company with photo and push for total actual difference. Because there was no look for the license plate number, you can be dumb to eat pineapple to me.

third, be careful "black". Try to bring your own car strength of most companies don't have the wedding has owned cars, vehicles are borrowed from elsewhere, so the risk factor is very high. First, the outward redeployment of the condition of the vehicle, how performance, the wedding itself is not very clear, you do not know. If weddings are borrowed from the leasing companies, that situation is quite a bit that the cars have at least regular leasing company accurately processes and rules. Worried about most is my "black". The so-called "black" drivers or both individual private companies or owners of vehicles temporary leave to do wedding car to earn a little extra money. Once that company or boss had something to car drivers to avoid sticky, it is certainly not for you car, after all, risked being boss copy of the extra money is not worth the risk to make this point. Hit the car, you can be big trouble. Of course, the wedding will provide you "fix". First tell you the vehicle in traffic accident (an irresistible factors), give you literally get a lousy car. At this point, you have waited anxiously in the wind for a long time, here, what is not there?   Finally, there are few reminders are: car companies say wedding has, what kind of car did not; cannot immediately determine or tell the grades with you must not own a car; in the case of time allowed, do not accept wedding companies to swap your vehicle for any reason, would rather give up my vehicle to borrow elsewhere. A wedding is a once in a lifetime thing, don't regret it!

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