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Self drive holiday rental notices

This issue summarizes a few important considerations, please note:

1, to understand the prices. Click on your Home by car price list on the upper right corner of the "more" to learn more about all the models and prices, choose your favorite models. Tip: click on the price list photos of model you can see the real car.

 2, taxi requirement. By phone, text message or fill out the online order form or any other means, inform key matters: rental cars, take the car and the car of the time and place,

&Nbsp;3, reply to confirm your booking. Booking Attendant telephone reply, informing you of the implementation of the orders. Time period if you rent the vehicle short of rent, the other provides several models for you to choose at the same level, agreed the two sides verbally confirmed. Generally, only verbal confirmation, finds it necessary to cancel a reservation please be sure to notify as soon as possible. Reservation deposit during the golden week.  

 4, send a cab. According to the agreed time and place (airport, hotel), send them on time served. You need to be prepared: ID card, driver's license, to ticket (e-ticket boarding pass, ticket-free visitors rely on bank credit cards, provides account of the locals), rent, security deposit, and vehicle, read carefully the car notes, sign the rental contract.

5, returning the car. According to the agreed time and place but also cars, vehicle, return the deposit. Temporarily when the refundable deposit of 1000 Yuan for electronic police a notice of deposit, 30-45 working days where no illegal then the amount refunded to the account you specified. There is illegal, then deduct penalty refund balance and you need to post a fine credentials.  

documents required for car rental

people coming to Hainan in China: I the original ID card, driver's license, original and tickets (or your boarding pass), deposit, rent.

urban residents in Haikou City: my original ID card, driver's license, the original accounts, deposit, rent the original.

Enterprise: provide copies of business licenses, corporate code certificate and the seal, the original agent provides identity card, driver's license, rent.

alien Joan foreigners: Passport (or passport documents for the same effect), foreign residency certificate, driver's license in China, domestic credit card, deposit, rent.

Note: drivers for more than one year driving experience, these documents need originals. If you need rental cars with driver, only ID cards and rent, you do not need to pay the rent deposit. For more convenient, please prepare tickets in advance copies of documents and cash.

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