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Car rental before driving check condition

  &Nbsp;   11, Tang Ning rented a car from a car rental company, feels the current fashion of self-driving tour. When trouble came. &Nbsp;  

Tang Ning told reporters, was busy car rental, no rental car check. Results return the car leasing company said rear door window problem, could not be opened. May break when his girlfriend and two, never opened the door after the window, did not determine whether Windows before the rent is bad. Tang Ning was willing to fix the car, but the leasing company Tang Ning to specify my own repair shop, Tang Ning does not agree, both sides deadlocked. Tang Ning told the legal aid hotline for help. Legal aid lawyer Xu June told Tang Ning, rental company the right to designate a garage House. Tang Ning's repair shop only repair quality, repair Windows can ensure quality, no to a specific factory repairs.    

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