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Car ignition how to prevent and fight

&Nbsp;    summer is the peak period of spontaneous combustion accident car, how to make their car away from danger, weapon experts for car owners:   

1. daily inspection cannot: doing routine checks of motor vehicles, prevent the occurrence of oil spills, leakage phenomenon, especially at higher temperatures, if you find any anomalies such as rubber smoke or smoke more careless.  

2. avoid driving long hours under the hot sun: hot weather, running freight drivers can't run Lola run more money, despite the high temperature used cars for a long time.  

3. dangerous goods cannot stay: easy to fire lighters, perfume, mousse and other high temperature, do not put it in the car, petrol, diesel oil and other dangerous oils not to put in the car.  

... the essential fire fighting equipment: fire extinguisher according to stipulations and change them regularly.  

5. once the fire not to panic: after the fire, you should immediately pull Handbrake, turn off power, and quickly leave the burning car, remove fire extinguishers, to cool the tank and burning parts of early fire extinguishing, and called the police.  

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