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&Nbsp;      When you lease the vehicle at the same time. You must not only focus on vehicle condition, brand, price, and pay more attention to details and terms of the leasing contract, so as to avoid disputes over rights and responsibilities due to negligence. The following list of points to keep in mind:   

guaranteed rental vehicles for contracts registered driver. During the rental period, if the lessee registration change of information, shall promptly notify the lessor (under my leased vehicle cannot be sublet or transfer, lease the lessee has to bear all about traffic violations and accidents).   

lessee guarantee margin deposit may not be used for distress for rent and contract completion, security deposit shall be refunded to the lessee. Both the conventions can also be secured in other ways.   

accident risk and default   

agreed risk of accident liability, the lessor may apply to the insurance company or in any other way. The agreement to share the risk of accident is not insured, risk calculations, payments, refer to motor vehicle insurance terms and payment procedures.   

the lessor fails to perform to provide the lessee contract vehicles, and service obligations shall bear liability for breach of the following:   

1. professional testing institutions recognized by the road transport Administration Department finds that rental vehicles are not up to standard, the lessee has the right to terminate the contract, and requires the lessor liable.   

2. not agreed to provide maintenance, relief, the lessee has the right to terminate the contract, the lessor shall refund the rental vehicles are parked during the rent and to pay rent of 20% during the suspended penalty.   

3. leasing vehicles is not restored after repair, rescue use, the lessor shall provide quality replacement car or take other measures.  

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