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Car rental five tips

&Nbsp;      , select Company   

you in front of the car to the rental company has an idea, be sure to choose for yourself a big brand car rental companies, because they are in cars, trucks, prices, aid, services and so on all have a set of advanced management system, can fully protect your interests.  

Second, ask the   condition;

ask how current condition, if the operating system is safe and effective, problem description should be available to rental car companies, even some small trouble to make it clear, not a cursory glance will drive away, is to avoid traffic accidents, and second, reduce trouble when you return the car.  

third, recognizing the location  

identify the location of all instruments, the operating system, every instrument in the familiar with the function and location of the operation, in particular, gears, horns, wipers, lights switches, automatic door locks, instrument, and of the various warning lights switch location. Import car auxiliary instrument more difficult to understand, but also to look.  


start the vehicle, hands-on actions mentioned above several times, which not only helps to remember their location, and can also check their work, found that the problem should be promptly indicated to the leasing company.  

five  , signing contracts;

when signing the contract to understand billing, time standards, understand the renewal requirements and the accounting provisions of the lease timeout to avoid objections with leasing companies. Carefully understand the rental company's service commitment and then contracts and vehicle orders, which are both found in the condition. This procedure when it comes to cars then, so be sure to take seriously.  

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