Increased price stability standard car rental industry drive on fast lane

rental, zero rent customer is different from the previous years mostly due to rentals price stability, source, good condition of the vehicle, service, rental car market during unusually hot this year.

recently, this reporter interviewed in China, and after several major car rental companies such as AVIS Ann flew learned that last year, with all major car rental companies to raise taxi quality, improving services, standardize management, increasing customer satisfaction, has also attracted more consumers during the holiday and everyday life are willing to opt for car rental, car rental industry is moving into the fast lane of development road.

car rental for the holidays easier

with the development of the car rental market, more and more consumers are choosing vacation rental holiday. But unlike other holidays, because car rental companies during the Spring Festival holiday, requires a rental car consumers prior to the Spring Festival of the new year plans in advance. And years ago just's work to collect the most busy time, so there will be a lot of people don't have time to order, or rush order, failed to select more suitable for more models.

reporters found that improvement in this situation this year has been very good, all the major car rental companies leasing of vehicles specifically for the Spring Festival holiday has developed a series of new deal, such as 24-hour, during the Spring Festival are not closed, for more and more new car ... ... Car rental service limits continue to be challenging, the car rental company services.

China auto rental official told reporters that China auto rental in the country a total of 118 points in 24-hour stores and services, these outlets open during the Lunar New Year holiday, even on new year's Eve to the second day of the new year which is still 24 hours a day to open the door to welcome guests. During the Spring Festival "closed for seven days," allows consumers to use time more flexible, on new year's day 0 o'clock in the morning to 6 o'clock many customers rent a car. It is understood that these customers are not buying a train ticket, airfare and temporary to rent a home.

over the weekend, several young car customers also told reporters China auto rental stores, car rental companies and more circumspect service this year makes the car more convenient, after the holidays they will choose more car travel.

customer structure

in addition to holiday break for hourly, in recent years, with the major car rental companies increase new car number and types of models, fashion played a car rental in the proportion of people are increasing.

statistical data show that past car rental without drivers accounted for more than 90%, car rental is generally in keeping with friends travel, car rental time selected during weekends and holidays. In recent years, with the rapid increase of new car types car rental company, car owners like to play in the ranks of the crowd added to the rental of the vehicle, in particular, to limit the Beijing market, these customers have even accounted for about 40% the rental group.

a fly in the AVIS car rental company stores, reporters saw more than 60 years is working on the car handling. Already have their own cars for years, but it was a car enthusiast, he told reporters that during the Spring Festival, drove a rented Chevrolet Bumblebee kemai Romanian relatives, pretty "cool".

according to AVIS an flew marketing charge, now companies like Zhang, many customers at the reception, they are usually chosen in the usual short term rental, dominated by new car experience. Even more interesting is that this group of fashion "HA" age structure is changing, has changed from past young people rule the old generations combined, fifty or sixty years of "old boy" growing number.

it is reported that AVIS Ann flew this year continue to purchase new cars, cool cars, to provide consumers with a balance of more than 50 different models for experience, including Smart, Mini Cooper, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Captiva and other luxury fashion models. These attractive models are attracting more and more consumers join the ranks of car rental, car rental market is also growing in a healthy development.

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