Using other people's identity cards continuously lied to rent within January 8-car

&Nbsp;     a male identity, in less than 1 month's time series of 8 different car rental from Fuzhou to 8 cars, after the vehicles sold at very low prices, total fraud worth more than 1.79 million Yuan. Recently, the gulou District Court sentenced the man to 13 years of imprisonment on charges of fraud and fined 100,000 yuan. For nearly two years, a spate of false card cheat, Fuzhou City car.

     It is understood that this person is a habitual criminal, prison for credit card fraud and theft twice before. Why is such a criminal record so more people can cheat often succeeds in Fuzhou? insiders believe, is one of the biggest reasons the car rental company's procedures are simple, as long as the driver's licenses and identification cards, and then make a deposit, you can rent a car.

     cheated by an ID driver's license 8 car for 8 cars

     on April 14 last year, Shaowu man Children's Day Lu Xin Xin Yang in Fuzhou motor Services Ltd, ID cards and driver's licenses lie to get an accord (worth more than 159,000 yuan), with 20,000 yuan after selling the car.

late     4 19th, who rose to Xin Miro Street, gulou district guests Shun auto service company, lie to get a BMW brand cars (worth more than 334,000 yuan), to car selling 40,000 yuan.


     police identified the man on April 14 last year, less than a month in early May, holding identification cards and driver's licenses, to Fuzhou 8 different car rental companies to sign a rental contract, lied to 8 cars to rent and then be resold, fraud worth more than 1.79 million Yuan.

     and Yang took the rental ID card and driver's license, is true, but it's not his own. According to an account of Yang, after he was released from prison in the Fuzhou railway station near to the trader to buy hundreds of false "Tung" ID cards and driver's licenses. Car if you find photos and documents is not like in his appearance, just excuse yourself fat attempted to pass. The same excuse, actually cheat car 8 times 8 times.

     deposit of one thousand or two thousand is to rent a car

     yesterday, the journalists visited Fuzhou seven or eight car rental companies, car hire to make unannounced visits to the company. Most of the car issued by the employee only requires copies of ID card and driver's license, pay a deposit of one thousand or two thousand Yuan, you can rent a car of a 100,000 grade of ~20 million.

     operator of a business car rental industry for many years said that now most of the car rarely buy their own car, accounted for non-civil even more, most of the cars were placed in a car, are owners of private cars and trucks, to the car to charge some fee each month. So car to make money, is trying to rent out parked cars as soon as possible, can break and make money. So many car rental firms in order to drum up business in Fuzhou, the car rent procedures are simple, see the customer ID, no problem on rented cars.

     insiders, car rental before transportation management department head, at the end of 2007 the repeal of the provisional regulations on the management of the car rental industry, special car rental industry regulations. Not only that, but the industry practitioners are very loose, to do all the little contact, don't even have a specification for a common industry practice. Outlaws are eyeing this industry loophole deception succeeded again and again.

     fool-proof car "acquaintances of UNPROFOR"

     due to Fuzhou in recent years has been "cheated first lease sale" scam, the Fuzhou section car start vulnerability alert the car rent procedures are too easy in the past, thinking about countermeasures.

     Fuzhou car hire boss says, this years too many people cheating rental car, he gave the company the staff rules: those little stranger does not rent, security deposit rent rent, few outsiders. Of course, the poor do business a lot for some customers and not enough money in the field of customer set "threshold", which ran to another car rental customers. Afterwards, they engage in "acquaintance of UNPROFOR" system, as long as there is acquaintance for security, signing the car rental contract, even if the customer is unfamiliar stranger or guest without a deposit or rent out cars. Once out of the problem, look for surety claims. In addition, if you rent a car who doubts they will shoot down that person's head.

     the implementation of "acquaintance of UNPROFOR," car owner suggested that want to reduce the risk of "rules" that promote the entire car rental industry as the "norm". For this achievement, they said they were not optimistic: "because there is a lot of car in order to drum up business, and reduce the risk of car control. ”

     said, if the car rental industry to closely held in Fuzhou, established industry association, to raise money for a Web site to set up a blacklist of bad customer, car believed to be able to minimize cheating occurs. Meanwhile, it can contact the police much smoother and more timely. Police once found someone cheating or car crime, no longer as in the past to inform the car one by one as in the past, direct contact with the head of the Chamber of Commerce, or send the wrong information to the website, all car dealers are notified.

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