Chengdu 93rd gasoline, oil price increases today 7.55 Yuan per liter

Reporter extended shell from the PetroChina sales company in Sichuan province, the Sichuan company news, 8th starting at 0 o'clock, the national development and Reform Commission raised the price of gasoline and diesel, where the 93rd gasoline rose to 7.55 Yuan in Chengdu, rose 0.24 Yuan/l; No. 0 diesel rose to 7.41 Yuan per liter, up 0.25 Yuan/liter. This is the first time this year adjusted refined oil prices.

the oil price adjustments, were up to 300 yuan/tons of gasoline and diesel, gasoline increases about 0.22 Yuan per liter, diesel by about 0.25 Yuan per liter. Adjusted maximum retail prices of gasoline and diesel prices in China were 9380 Yuan/ton and 8530 Yuan/ton, by 3.3% and 3.65%, respectively.

the rest have different levels in all types of gasoline and diesel prices rose. Among them, the 90th gasoline rose to 7.07 Yuan, rising 0.22 Yuan per liter; 97th gasoline 8.03 Yuan, gained 0.25 Yuan per liter, + 5th diesel rose 0.25 Yuan per liter, diesel-10th, gained 0.27 Yuan per liter.

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