In some big cities this year or try your "congestion fees" rule blocking

  Of the China business network reported traffic jams is a symptom of our cities, in order to effectively control traffic congestion, some big cities in China this year is likely to make "congestion fee" policy, physical market, President of the China Automobile Dealers Association Su Hui (micro-blogging)   in sinotrust recently revealed at a Conference on the automobile market. He also suggested that consumers should make sensible car buyers and car buyers choose the primary measure of demand as, purchases should be less under the influence of car prices.

     Su Hui said traffic congestion charge refers to the traffic of rush on the part of road user charging a fee. It is essentially an economic means of transportation demand management, aims to use price mechanisms to limit city during peak traffic density, achieve the purpose of alleviating urban traffic congestion and to improve the operational efficiency of urban transport.

   "car ownership in the city will be in some big cities in China hit a record high this year, is approaching the departments concerned an assessment of traffic carrying capacity limit. "He said, in the development of public transport at the same time, hotspots, hot time for motor vehicle" limit stops, limits and restricted "are essential means of governance. Compared to some administrative measures, through economic levers, formulated the "congestion fees" may have a good effect, encouraging rational use of cars, improving the allocation efficiency of urban traffic resources.  

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