New trends in automobile leasing fraud

&Nbsp;    as car use and penetration increased further, car rental industry has made great progress. As China's car rental industry against the risk of fraud awareness is not strong, the vehicles for its "high-value, wide flow, easy disposal" features often become targets of fraud coveted by criminals, punish automobile leasing fraud law system in our country is not perfect, the ineffective and other factors, resulting in car rental fraud incidence remains high.

new trends in crime, car rental scams

cheat rent a car means more subtle. Car rental companies out of market competition or economic interest into account, rental vehicle often focus only on renter ID or driving papers authenticity verification, pay only a small amount of rent or a security deposit that is leasing the vehicle. Criminals often use car rental companies as a "weakness", its value is high income and disposition power to car, and lying to conceal their only car rental when renting a car really trying to, as long as proof of identity and pay a small amount of rent car rental purposes of its illegal occupation.

"third party complicity in fraud" phenomenon. After criminals lie to hire illegal means a car, then the car illegally dispose of the pledged loans to a third person to achieve his criminal purpose. In the process, we often think criminals carried out two fraud is hiding their car intended to lie to rent a car, and the other is fooled a third loan backed by pretending to be a car owner. However, the third person is often not the person deceived in good faith. We found several car rental fraud cases, third parties are often not based on misconceptions about vehicle owners, but is based on consideration of the actual possession of the vehicle, lending to the perpetrator of fraud, mostly high credit. What is more, some third party in advance with proceeds of criminal collusion to defraud car which used to guarantee loans, even let the perpetrator was issued to him by the promissory note amount is higher than the actual loan principal and interest, to the owner of that claim caught when pretending to be a bona fide third party pay the claims submitted to it.

the involvement of minors in criminal concern. Car rental fraud crimes are mostly gang-related crimes, as the car's value, and criminals involved tend to be adults. But in recent years, juveniles committed or involved in the automobile leasing fraud number.

Second, to punish the suggestions on car rental fraud

car rental scam is "rentals for deception in practice. "In practice as to constitute a crime are generally classified as fraud or contract fraud. Crime in our criminal law system provides more perfect, and how to identify "for the purpose of illegal possession" provides as lists. But in my opinion, the existing provisions are not fully meet the need of combating automobile leasing fraud, based on this type of crime should be the subject matter of the particularities and characteristics of crime in the relevant judicial interpretations and normative documents on the issues clearly.

1, the "temporary fool" cars should be limited clearly defined. Actors lie to rent a car to practice illegally after the guarantees, sale and other disposition car, cause the perpetrator to perform the obligation of car rental contracts, be determined as illegal purposes. Before filing for public security organs, people to redeem the merging vehicle may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment.

2, colluded to defraud the punishment be clearly against the third party. For third-party conspiracy to cheat in advance rent a car loan secured to it, and knowing that the car is still lying to rental income guarantee agreed to pledge or to introduce services such as help, shall be punished as accomplices.

3, clear the use of minor car rental fraud crimes, perpetrators punished.

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