Rob motorcycle stabbed the driver on the rental of a man sentenced to death sentence

&Nbsp;    court verdict awarded to the families of the deceased more than 330,000 yuan

Guang-fo metropolitan area networks   Pang Wenbin Foshan daily news reports: to rent a car for driver lied to secluded spots after looting motorcycles, people such as a serial number in a month, and the driver of the stabbing to death a revolt. Reporter learned yesterday, one was given a suspended death sentence by the Court, and to compensate the families of more than 330,000 yuan.

the identification of the year on April 21 at 9 o'clock, after a plot with Wang, Xu, to take a motorcycle on the grounds, Chen lie to the South of Nanhai guanyao new hotel after the road, armed with a knife robbed Chen's 50 Yuan in cash and a mobile phone, and to sell the motorcycle after three people equally.

on May 24 of that year at 19 o'clock, with Wang, Xu Goo, vines lie to the South China Sea and obedience and sanitary ware company North of the path of the new road, Yen, the King threatened the victim with a knife, Xu takes next, goto a rebel and fight with the three. The fight, a vine with a knife stabbed to death and injury and Wang.

on June 30, police in nanzhuang village on Xu captured in an Internet café. After the sudden, police soon captured Wang.

November 30 at 2 o'clock in the morning, train station waiting room in Maoming when police interrogated a man who was acting suspiciously, confirmed the man was Cyber pursuit officer, immediately captured and taken back to Foshan.

Foshan Court believes that resort to violence repeatedly robbed him of a partnership's property, and caused one death and one slight injury, his behavior had constituted the crime of robbery. Yan Teng's death played a major role, and Rob several times in succession, subjective evil. Accordingly, the Foshan Intermediate Court of first instance to a robbery sentenced to death, suspended for two years, while ruling a compensation for loss of Teng, a family of more than 330,000 yuan.  

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