Rent a car theft should be robbery police tracking crime smash gang

&Nbsp;   Chongqing gang offenders rallying point together, rented cars, stolen license plates of others and travel came to Yichang, and crazy looking for target in Yichang, has implemented 9 robbery and theft cases. The group thinks that he is doing well, the results are not escaped the eyes of the police. The mills of the Group 5 total crime suspects were arrested. On February 1 this year, Public Security Bureau officials presented the case of gezhouba detection process.

early this morning, a woman's gangsters armed with knives robbed

February 12, 2011 at 12 hours, Yichang city workers of a company's Passat sedan driven by a cold from Xiling road the second restaurant the Xiba-bound carriageway. During the spring festival atmosphere is still very strong, cold in a drive, see the street lights are hung high, feeling very happy.

However, cold a happy don't know, danger was coming to her.

when cold when I walked out of the restaurant car, a black Honda Accord sedan has been closely followed. Cold is still in the new year in an atmosphere of festivity, itself facing dangers not aware.

at 25 minutes, when in Xiba while parked outside a community, followed by a black Honda Accord sedan, suddenly out of the 3 young men, they were armed with sharp knives on its implementation of the robbery.

"help! Help ... ... "cold was frightened by the sudden crisis, instinctively resist up and called out for help. In defiance, cold lips, fingers of the left hand, and many parts were cut with a knife by 3 gangsters.

community of several security guards on duty after a cry heard cold and quickly ran out to see. 3 gangsters see someone run over, quickly jumped on the car fled the scene of the robbery.

track, police found gunmen suspicious disappearance

after the incident, police station of gezhouba station of gezhouba police on duty, gezhouba Public Security Bureau Police Brigade police quickly arrived on the scene, and orderly conduct of the inquest and investigation visit.

in order to quickly solve the case, gezhouba Public Security Bureau immediately activated the rapid reaction mechanism, Branch Secretary Dong Changling went to the site to direct detection, Deputy Director capital led the forensic analysis of the merits of civilian police, searched for clues, and quickly deploy 8 experienced civilian police detected the case class.

after some investigation, police soon captured the suspect, suspect vehicles, escape route leads the crime, investigation ordered.

February 12, 2011, at 9 o'clock in the morning, police found committing sedan 0 o'clock on 44 minutes, entering highway from Yichang toll stations to flee.

but what's strange is, when civilian police based on the clues along the track to the Chongqing wanzhou, only to find that the strange disappearance.

Search, Sly Fox out of the tail

suspicious vehicle although mysterious circumstances disappeared, but police have no heart. Police quickly get in touch with police in wanzhou, Chongqing, wanzhou area of blanket search for suspect vehicles. Meanwhile, police let off any clues around the suspect left clues for investigation. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, police quickly identified in lichuan, one BYD car license plate number in the afternoon of February 11, 2011 in Ichon national highway 318 was stolen.

detect class having had the suspect in theft of license plate, this license plate after robbery crime tactics, determine the direction of a new investigation. Soon, banan district, Chongqing police find suspected vehicle crime. According to the clues, and established that the vehicle is a car rental company's vehicles.

civilian police scrambling to get a car rental company in Chongqing. After investigation, the police get black Honda Accord sedan to kaixian County Chongqing Chang Sha Zhen GUI on loan on January 24, 2011 at 13:40. Meanwhile, police have identified the vehicle is leased, there have been 3 times to Yichang city records. This discovery, detection has made significant progress in its work.

detection work in sight, police have forgotten the tired day and night from kaixian County Chongqing City rushed to the Chang Sha Zhen and the cooperation of the local police station, master GUI so the identity of the suspect in connection with information and activities.

NET, all the five members of the gang arrested

March 24, 2011, civilian police based on the clues, and suspects involved in wanzhou district in Chongqing, Guangxi captured.

GUI after the arrest of suspects involved, confessions help Cousin Lee and other 3 people in a car rental car rental company in Chongqing, for theft crime facts. But he did not participate in the crime of theft.

April 21 at 11 o'clock, and civilian police through the work, Lee to surrender of public security organs in wanzhou; 14:50, civilian police based on the information provided by Lee in wanzhou, strike now, Zhoujiaba, wanzhou district in the suspect Wang captured in a hotel. Meanwhile, the police seized in Wang accommodation rooms "t"-shaped steel Cone, Slingshot, fake hair and other instrumentalities.

after a arrest suspect Wang, truthfully he Ma, Xu, Xu and others on February 12, 2011 at the Yichang city Xiba robbery with a knife outside a community crime. Meanwhile, he also confessed on January 22 of that year to Yichang city, February 9, channeling prized stolen property and other crimes in the car.

police in hot pursuit, digging more than crime, efforts to expand the results. They have mastered the gang flees to Enshi, Wuhan and other places to commit the offences of theft. Police identified the gang robbery, theft crime 9.

on May 16, 2011, at large suspects police arrested Xu Nanan district of Chongqing on July 19 night, escaped looting the perpetrator flees to the Shandong Taian theft was arrested on November 28 at about 11 o'clock in the morning, the gang last fugitive suspect Xu, yuzhong district, Chongqing City, were arrested by the police. At this point, the gang all 5 members were arrested.

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