Used car lease, or will become a new economic growth point

Used car leasing to surface

used car leasing becomes a lot of used car dealers in response to off-season shocks and sellers of short-term consumption psychological needs, taken by the new business growth. In Chengdu, many years ago there used car business in the used-car leasing company, mostly only large used car broker could possess such qualifications and abilities. Industry development is economic growth, Chengdu automobile leasing market in recent years, with Chengdu, speed up the development of the tourist market is soaring. This is one reason used cars are rushing to launch the business.

      used car leasing with the off-season arrival of the automobile market, businesses are racking their brains to come up with a way to respond, and smaller shops because there are no car rental-related qualifications and procedures, completely hopeless. But, like Chengdu, Jian Guo used macros used cars used cars and other large companies in Hong Kong and Chengdu have been well prepared in this regard, and for sale of unmarketable goods vehicle leasing, in that case, cash flow is relatively fast and increasing the sources of income of companies selling cars.

used-car leases so popular due to the May the approaching peak tourist season, many members of the public will choose the suburbs tour, must give priority to convenient means of transportation. For most consumers, the Chengdu day temperature of about 30 ° to the market to buy the right used car clearly unlikely, so leasing became a way to them. Moreover, car rental price for most urban white-collar workers are likely to bear. It is understood that a 1.6L manual sedan lease price about 200 \ days. Price according to the models and engines are different.

used car leasing notes

used car leasing to understand the car's limited mileage and beyond the limited number of accounting standards. Mid-range sedan should be within 100 km of mileage, but there are many rental companies is not limited to mileage.

car to prevent something timely, should also seriously about renewal requirements and the accounting provisions of the lease timeout to avoid objections with leasing companies.  

closer look at the used-car leasing company's commitment to fully enjoy their entitled rights.  

used car leasing contracts the last items are filling out inspection form, which are both found in the condition. This procedure when it comes to cars then, so be sure to take seriously. First visually inspect the vehicle, such as a body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal. Then open the hood, check coolant, oil, battery status, after there were no exception, you can enter the cab, check the health of your gas gauge, brakes, air conditioning, and test drives, judging the basic condition of the vehicle. For some of the special features and usage models, should be clear to the leasing company.

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