Impart three ultimate fuel-efficient merit good habits of the most important

&Nbsp;   despite the fuel price on the international market have begun to drop, but still not small, but fuel prices remained high on the Chinese market, compared with prices of fun and agile, monopoly "three barrels of oil" prices like constipation of patients, is neither good nor clean. Buy the most expensive car in the world, with the world's most expensive oil, driving in the most expensive road, China's owners shoulder pressure can be heavy, especially the following parking high speed gains even after the introduction of congestion charges, it is estimated that most of the owners are stuck to panic. &Nbsp;

     bought a car, always not at home idle, then with a pile of scrap metal is not only, or pay high parking fees cost, nor cost-effective, real life does have a need to use the car. As long as the car started to burn oil, fuel is cheap car required should not be underestimated.  

     fuel merit: good condition and improve fuel efficiency. Experienced owner will know, the new car's fuel consumption will be lower, and with the increase of car mileage, condition decreased fuel efficiency is reduced, fuel consumption will increase progressively. In the process of using a car, this condition is normal, after all cars as mechanical products, will slowly wear and wear, so overall condition will get worse, fuel consumption increase is not surprising. As the owner can do is to try to strengthen the car's maintenance, slow the car wear and tear and wear of time, reducing the extent, in that case, you can let the car in a good condition for a long time, so that fuel consumption will naturally decrease. Car problems must be repaired in a timely manner, otherwise, it will make the condition worse and even bury a traffic hazard.  

     gas Busters II: light the road, car burden reduction. Weight of the car is fixed, and nothing can change, but the car's weight can be changed, the owner must pay attention. The heavier the weight of the car, its drive and need more power while driving, that means consuming more gasoline; more lightly loaded, driven and driving it more easily, but also more fuel-efficient. Some owners prefer to put anything on the car, especially the trunk, packed full, even when not in use is not willing to unload, reload way, natural gas-guzzling. Owners of free time, some unusual things on the car can be unloaded, then according to the usual travel needs, as long as appropriate to burden reduction the car, let it light the way, oil is no longer a problem.  

     fuel big three: develop good driving habits, this is an important method for fuel-saving. When it comes to long traffic lights when their car breaks down, reducing engine idling time while walking the city roads, maintain a relatively constant speed, reduce frequent rapid starts ... ... These are good driving habits, to achieve the objective of saving. Learner driving test when more time to test the driving skills, knowledge, and no fuel content, so many owners ignore the effect for fuel-efficient driving habits. In actual driving career, maintain a good driving habits can fuel a lot, apart from the outside through their own experience, it is necessary to learn from the experiences of others. Whether for fuel or for cars and safety, need for owners to develop good driving habits.  

     fuel, in this era of high gas prices, owners will always be a topic of concern. Until one day, electric cars made a great progress, gasoline is no longer the most important source of power, they do not need to worry too much about fuel consumption problem, but this day seems to be waiting a long, long time.

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