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Said the car thing, audience Mr Zhao is frustrated, he's not a parking space, but their lease to someone else's car, but disappeared, exactly what sort of person is this car? Mr Zhao's Fiat cars were bought in 2005, home last year has added a new car, that Fiat was seldom used, the couple consulted a, idle, it is better to rent out, right to rent when the subsidies to oil money. News a few days later, a man claiming to be small on the phone, phase the car, the two sides talked several times on January 11 this year and reached an agreement. Signed the contract, and received the money, Zhao left the copies of ID card and driver's license, just put the car out of the relief, in accordance with the contract, after new year, beginning of the great eight, the other side should return them, but this car is rented out easily, want back, but has a little trouble. For three days, Mr Zhao keep dialing any phone, but he can't, that he was in a hurry, it is encountered a liar? To look on the Internet, let alone, online there is little news, open look, cruelly the news content of Mr Zhao. Rent their own car, they're cheap, and post was before the first lunar month, Zhao panic God, quickly followed by this post, will note. The next day, he received a phone call from Mr moyuan, they say, little as I know, last year when I was betrayed. Bought it less than 20,000 cars, mainly by real back within a few days. Listening to Mr Yuen, Mr Zhao is more afraid of, the name of, was not perfect, as originally left the ID address, reporters find the small home of Mr Robert Yuan. Not return, the phone's down too, did this really evaporates? Mr Zhao was helpless, would like to see the air, quickly Put in an appearance, otherwise, it can only be resolved through legal channels. BACK
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