Positive weak new-energy cars still in doubt

&Nbsp;   [reading] of new energy vehicles in China how can the present situation be evaluated? Do we really need a Government-led technical courses at the national level? We need what kind of new energy vehicles? Industry pundits and organizations are given an exclusive analysis and judgment.

     recently, the electric vehicle industry and the media are rethinking so far China's development gains and losses, and prospects for future. Optimistic of judge is, this year will became China new energy car of "first year", according to is local and transnational car enterprises will intensive put mixed power and electric, products lack no longer is problem; while in policy level frequency out new deal, "four Department Board" clear requirements on new energy car from license plate auction, and from shake,, and unlimited line; also, local Government also scramble to launched encourages policy, as Beijing proposed to 2012, private purchase new energy car of number reached 30,000 car, 2015 reached 40,000 car above. Of course, there are national grid have been built in more than 30 provincial capital cities of 243 car charger for power stations, 13283 AC charging.

     However, the "feel good" is weak. First, information from the Ministry show that by the end of 2011, 75 companies 361 new energy vehicles on the product announcement, but many are zero production, manufacturers caliber are "mass production." Products of transnational companies are much more mature, but high prices and low levels of consumer awareness, destined to not become the mainstream auto market. Second, the 2010 national subsidies for private purchases of electric vehicles of up to 60,000 yuan market is not started, as of now, the national new energy vehicles, including the Toyota Prius sold no more than 20,000 cars. Thirdly, at present, China has become a global charge for power stations and post the highest number of countries, but what is impressive is not so much its practicality, efficiency and sustainability, interest groups behind it than the game.

     in fact, in the domestic electric car lasted 3 years the "great leap forward", the view has been consistent in the industry: the key to electric vehicle technology, "three" (battery, motor, electric control) and transnational companies are big differences, as EV   "great leap forward" the premise of "the same level" and "overtaking" is fooling themselves. At the enterprise and market levels, 2011 Hangzhou electric taxi to spontaneous combustion, electric bus in Shenzhen caught fire, and the GM Volt electric ignition increased program, sparked unprecedented attention to electric vehicle safety issues. It is in this context, 2011 China appeared rational regression of trends in the field of new energy vehicles, the landmark event was the 2011-2020 Plan for new energy vehicles to "energy-saving and new-energy vehicles of the planning of the" three times and the delayed introduction of the time, the industry guessing, it just shows the prudence and maturity of the relevant decision-making departments.

     how to assess the current situation of new energy vehicles?  

     national 863 plan energy-saving and new energy vehicles project team leader Wang Binggang, Prof said in an interview with the international business daily, the current domestic situation of new energy vehicles did get a bit confused, but he thinks should affirm their accomplishments. According to Wang Binggang recently published blog posts, in accordance with the international law of development, usually after brewing, importing a new industry, rapid development and maturity of four stages. China's new energy automobile industry experienced "XV", "Eleven-Five", it should be said has gone through the gestation period. This stage is characterized by: achieved a breakthrough on the technology, products with the early market applications, but it still has a great deal of instability and uncertainty. New energy cars, for example, we completed the "three vertical and three horizontal" industrial layout, and made an important preparation for the import period.

     Wang Binggang thought, "Twelve-Five" to begin, General entered a period of import of new energy vehicles in China, this time with two features: first, companies become the subject of research and development; the other is up for national industry strategic. But to really complete the import period, still have a long way to go, there are quite a lot of risk and need to explore unknown areas, in China's case, including the Government and the enterprises, not impetuous and impatient for success.

     what do we need new energy vehicles?

     famous auto analyst Jia xinguang (microblogging) quoted the State Council of the planning of 2011-2015 industrial transformation and upgrading of the international business daily said at the national level, the general direction of new energy vehicles has been very clear: "simultaneous development of energy-efficient vehicles and new energy vehicles, accelerating the pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and other new energy automobile development ... ... Drinks, proper development of alternative-fuel vehicles. "By this, Jia xinguang stressed the following points:

     one is asked for in the promotion of new energy vehicles (micro-blogging) on the question, our mindset right, too impatient for success. Multinational companies have long recognised the new energy vehicles cannot soon replace conventional cars, and both may coexist for decades. But in China, the "same level" and "overtaking" under the misleading, many companies abandoned the traditional automotive technology improved, when Volkswagen's direct fuel injection to reduce the fuel consumption of 20%, we just wake up, followed by another round of catch-up.

     two is under no breakthrough in battery technology, and one-sided pursuit of mileage is not desirable. Hybrids not just transition product, but will become an important new energy vehicle market level for a long time. Correct ideas should be: small cars to promote electric vehicle midsize cars to promote normal hybrid or increased program electric vehicles, large vehicle to promote plug-in hybrid. Such of products layout can solution many technology problem--small car driving mileage short, reduce has battery pressure, also can reduced cost and car price; General mixed power and increased drive device both can for battery charging, and can provides emergency of fuel power, applies Yu medium car; large car is can in pure electric mode and fuel mode in the switch, power and driving mileage are has guarantee.

     third, the development of electric vehicles, should focus on the bus. Bus only 2% per cent, has contributed 40% motor vehicle pollution, use of electric buses, not only energy conservation effect obvious, more market tests to improve battery technology.

     on the idea of four is looking for alternative sources of energy to local conditions. Industry said China's energy structure impossible to achieve zero emissions electric vehicles, this is all right, but it needs to be clarified is, popularize new energy vehicles will be a very distant thing, initially only as a test of the local market, China is such a vast and full geographical address cleaner energy supplies. Such as in wind-rich Northwest, Xinjiang in particular, you can use wind power to charge electric vehicles. Shanghai industrial byproduct hydrogen is very rich, you can focus on the development of fuel cell vehicles. In the vast rural areas, farms and farmers can provide rich gas resources, is an important source of clean energy.

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