For a gambling debt, men even cheat 6 vehicles

Recently, a car rushed into the small Groove police station, did not stop the car, the driver jumped out of the car, stormed into the police station at Sprint speed, shouting: "come and catch cheats! "After you hear, the police immediately ran out, and soon captured a man in the vehicle.

at present, the captured men were detained for alleged contract fraud.

online car rental

car was sold to Anhui

captured man Kwak, HANJIANG people. Rushed out for help a driver hole, is the business of car rental, car and a young man candy is a victim in this case.

candy's father Ken opened a car-rental company, and the hole was a friend. In late September, Xiao Tang Yu will idle car rental, they sent a car rental on the site posts and leave QQ number. A few days later, candy QQ friends will take place on request, the other party is Kwak. After bargaining on September 26 last year, Ken on time will be sent to Guo Jia, the two sides signed agreements, fee of 200 Yuan a day, for 10 days. Sign, old Tang collection of 1000 and 2000 Yuan rent security deposit.

after 10 days, call Ken, Guo said to renew a lease for a few days. In this way, the car has been renewed until October 2. The same day, Tang again, old Guo phone, telephone that there was a "the number you dialed is power off."

distraught Ken hurriedly told Xiao Tang, candy using GPS positioning to find cars, according to the GPS display, the car's location within a community in Anhui Province. The next day, candy nonstop to Anhui recovered the car. Originally, the car was Guo with sale price of 30,000 yuan.

go to Anhui Province, there are holes. On the way back, after Kong asking a liar, look through recent car rental contact number, with a small Tang master number check to determine are the same person, "it turned out that this liar is spamming! ”

cleverly lures

Crooks was taken to the police station

the next day, Kong got a call from Guo. To stabilize the Kwak, Kong pretended to want to contribute to this business, after a number of consultations to determine the rent for 200 Yuan a day. But on the location of the handover, attitudes on both sides. Guo required to send the car to the HANJIANG, and hole a for loop Kwak, HANJIANG too far, Guo to jiangdu for my car. Eventually, the two sides decided to choose, connection of the bus station.

handover day, candy with a hole a go.

after the meeting, Guo looked showroom and nodded, identified with the deal. At this point, the little Tang to request will send them back to jiangdu Kwak. To keep the fat, he readily accepted.

because you do not know the terrain, on his way back to jiangdu, Kwak sit in the back seat of the car, driving hole one. In this way, Kong as planned, without his car directly into the police station. He was an excuse to get out and get something, then went straight to the police station.

soon, Kwak was police won.

tracked Chase

find cheats six cheat car

Guo, born in 1988, parents living off the land. After graduating from junior high school, Guo idleness. A few years ago, Guo was hooked on gambling, more WINS or loses less he ran up huge gambling debts of more than 500,000 yuan. Due to their inability to repay, he came up with in a rented car and crooked gambling debt. In Guo's statement, admitted to defraud a little Tang on behalf car rental car facts.

at this point, the police case not only to convictions, has tracked the Chase, looking for new clues. According to a car rental website of Yangzhou clues, police website, there is an unexpected harvest. On the Web site, a "cheater Kwak" as the title of the post to enter the police attention, opened it, and there are others suffering the same thing. Police managed to get in touch with the post, found deceived by several people. Investigation on July 24, 2011-September 29, Guo swindled a total of 6 vehicles.

Police advise car rental market is not very standardized, car rental fraud is to occur. In this case, rent to others must pay more attention, more layers to prevent one level of protection.

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