Hit girl arrested the perpetrators responsible for drunk driving mother asked him to surrender, he heard

News Flash: February 5 at 10 o'clock in the evening, Taishan road, Shenyang, Liaoning bus station building, Wang Ting was hit by a car on the way home from work. Several readers donated more than RMB to girls. The girl is now out of danger.

deadline: 9 o'clock last evening

venue: Shenyang

with friends drinking wine and drinking had a fight with his girlfriend, he was dizzy and angry.

in such a State, he was aware that he hit someone, but without stopping. Afterwards, her mother tried to persuade him to surrender, he didn't listen.

yesterday, the injured driver of Wang Ting Zhao Dan was caught by the police. Zhao Dan, 28, is a driver of a car rental company.

Internet attention to injured

"I did this is not a second Yao, will die. "Zhao Dan at the time to be interviewed are feeling down and explain things to the police, the police advised him not to give up. "My mind went blank and felt afraid, got home, my mother advised me to surrender," Zhao Dan said, "but I was too afraid, felt the scene without leaving any evidence, so I didn't listen to my mom's.  "

Zhao Dan was the Manager of a car rental company of Shenyang drivers when driving the car for a licence for Liao A6Z186 silver minivan.

Zhao Dan said that Internet access after the accident he had been looking at Wang Ting, watching the news published photos feel very guilty, "several times to go to the hospital to find her, wanted to surrender, but the fear of losing jobs......"

find the paint down jacket

Police Brigade captain, huanggu district, Shenyang city, Ma said, according to the clues, police checked more than 10 video, start to check suspicious vehicles.

yesterday morning, the police found a suspicious vehicle in the Dadong district fits models. After a study found the roof spoiler and the front machine cover has been replaced, but Zhao Danque denied the incident through the scene.

Captain Martha said, "this car rear brake light was broken, from which we can determine this Buick car passing by the scene that night, he himself had denied that suspects is even greater.   "" From the victim's jacket, we also found a small amount of chips, these chips are consistent with Liao A6Z186 paint, even though he does not recognize, we can also be found this car.

did not expect such a fast detection

at about 6 o'clock last evening, the first time net news for Wang Ting's cousin, Wang Qiu Zhao Dan, "your sister's case, which has been broken, people have been caught.   "Zhao Dangang confession at that time, Wang Ting's family was not informed.

the phone, Wang Qiu did not speak, voice choking, "that's great, that's great ... ... Never thought can solve so quickly. ”

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