Car rental money be careful black rental company six months away 38 cars

&Nbsp;  car rental company was going to make some money, but car rental companies sell. Yesterday, in connection with their car "separated" after nearly six months, Wu Lady finally from tieling, tieling Yinzhou District police retrieved their car.

in mid-December, tieling City Public Security Bureau economic investigation team received a number of private owners report owners call themselves into peaceful private car company of the car rental company to resell. After more than 40 days of investigation by the police, after the successful capture of the two suspects, and recovered the 38 cars.

the suspect Li Mou, Yang for alleged contract fraud by procuratorial organs approved the arrest.

owner Wu said that last October, she found Yinzhou District harmony car rental companies, because usually are not often used car leasing company rental car to see friends, Ms Wu decided to rent your car.

start one or two months, Ms Wu is a short-term rental, but also from the leasing company to get rent money, Lee said later it was rented by the month, around 3000 Yuan each month, Ms Wu felt the price is OK, agreed. But she only got in the first two months of rent, then links up with Lee, Ms Wu had to alarm.

Lee and Yang were arrested later, police investigation, Lee peace run by car rental companies, is a black Agency, without any legal formalities. After Lee in contact to the owners, who forged vehicle related formalities by unlawful means, will sell the vehicle as collateral for cash or direct others hands down.

owner Wu said, even her Jetta car sell used cars have about 60,000 yuan, but Lee only to sell it at the price of 30,000 yuan to someone else.

at present, Lee and Yang still further verifying the amount of money involved, but initial investigations to master, this months Lee and Yang get cash has just squandered more than 500,000.

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