Wholesale and lease to promote Toyota us sales growth

&Nbsp;    even though Toyota has no intention of carrying out wholesale, but this year in the United States market sales growth has come from rental car companies and other wholesale buyers.

     Toyota cars and trucks were sold January 24,409 to wholesale buyers (47% growth compared with the same period last year), but also for lease sales due to an earthquake last year-spaces. Have been the company's customer support, United States sales growth will not exceed 1%, less likely to be 7.5%.

     for now, Toyota Yaris subcompact and Toyota Avalon sedan sales of the two cars.

     Toyota realized that wholesale and rental car sales can earn profits than sales to individuals, will also have a negative impact on resale values and brand image. But Toyota January wholesale 93% into the car rental companies, the rest flows to corporate clients.

     Toyota said sales growth from this change, but sellers will not become a long-term trend. Just out of last year's earthquake caused automobile production is limited, in order to make up for not fulfilling the contract and not short-term measures that have been taken.

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